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We aim high

We present one of our most important projects – it is the highest – 11-meter high – mobile wall produced OPTIMAL POLAND, which received the National Technical Assessment from the Building Research Institute.

Its largest module weighs over 900 kg!

The wall is located at the Łódź University of Technology at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Łódź University of Technology, Alchemium, in the Aula im. prof. T. Paryjczak.

This is an important place because a total of 500 people can fit here. Lectures for students, seminars, national and international conferences are held here.

Movable walls for offices

Modern way, to create a sense of space increase, without actually making the office bigger, is to add movable walls. If your office is currently one large room, our movable walls, are perfect way to divide the space. Movable walls allow all kinds of spaces to be created—smaller offices, or larger conference rooms.

OPTIMAL Poland, is operating on the market of movable, and fixed aluminum and glass walls, since 2004. The development, and creation of new technologies is part of every day of the company’s operation. We listen to our customers, it is thanks to you, that we create movable and fixed walls, that we are proud of. We operate based on the principles of sustainable development, CSR is included in the company’s strategy.

In our offer, you will find movable walls without fire resistance, and fire-resistant walls in the EI30 class. Acoustic, movable walls are our passion, we listen to our customer needs, perfecting our products in accordance with your expectations and ideas. Aluminum and glass fixed walls, are a strategic business unit of OPTIMAL Poland. Modern, acoustic, fire-resistant, aluminum and glass solid walls without mullions (with sound insulation Rw up to 48 dB) are our pride. High acoustic, mechanical and fire protection parameters, confirmed by the Building Research Institute ITB, guarantee our customers safety, and comfort of use.

Optimal 110 movable walls, in accordance with ITB-KOT-2022/1699 National Technical Assessment, are mass-produced products, intended for general use. They are marked with the construction mark “B”, they have the National Declaration of Performance (KDWU).

If you are interested in our product, we will happily prepare individual solution for you.