Acoustic fixed wall
Acoustic fixed wall Office 100

Optimal Office 100 is a two-pane system of aluminum and glass. It is a muntin-free system, that guarantees the impression of delicacy and maximum illumination of the rooms.

Sound insulation
Rw 44dB / 45dB / 46dB / 48dB
Versions / equipment / options
single-glazed aluminum profile doors
double-glazed aluminum profile doors
Acoustic fixed walls
Fixed Wall Office 80 Loft Line

Optimal Office 80 Loft Line is a muntin double-glazed system of fixed aluminum-glass walls.

Sound insulation
Rw 43 dB / 48dB / 49dB / 50dB
Versions / equipment / options
all-glass doors
wooden panel doors
single-pane profile doors
double-glazed profile doors