Optimal 110 Plus and 110 Plus Alu

Optimal 110 Plus and 110 Plus Alu

Mobile Wall Optimal 110 Plus and Plus Alu

Mobile walls of the Optimal 110 Plus system are the most advanced, in terms of acoustic parameters, mobile partitions from the company’s offer.

Sound insulation at the level of Rw 54dB, allows the use of these products in places where acoustic insulation is the crucial.

The construction of Optimal 110 Plus and Plus Alu movable wall modules, allows you to apply wallpaper in accordance with the interior design.

Optimal 110 Plus wall modules can be equipped with external cladding, acting as dry-erase boards, which further increases the versatility of the rooms created after unfolding the walls. The construction of the module allows the use of any cladding board in accordance with the classification.

Glazed modules are also available.

This wall is available in the EI30 fire protection version.

Sound insulation

  • Optimal 110 Plus: Rw = 54dB
  • Optimal 110 Plus Alu: Rw = 53dB


  • optional – NRO in accordance with PN-EN 13501-1:2019

Versions / equipment / options

  • manual / semiautomatic
  • door modules: single leaf / double-leaf

External cladding boards

  • standard: furniture board thickness 18mm, décor from the SwissKrono ONE palette
  • optional: veneer, HPL, dry-erase magnetic board

Fire insulation

  • option – EI30 – Optimal 110 Plus Fire version

ITB-KOT-2022/1699: movable walls Optimal 110

National Declaration of Performance (KDWU) and mark “B”

Optimal 110 Plus movable walls, compliant with ITB-KOT-2022/1699, are mass-produced products intended for general use. They are marked with the construction sign “B”, and come with the National Declaration of Performance.

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