Optimal 110 Sky (11m)

Optimal 110 Sky (11m)

Optimal 110 Sky movable wall (11m)

OPTIMAL 110 Sky is a system of high movable walls.

This segment is available only to market technology leaders.

The technology of building high movable walls developed by us, allows us to offer our customers high walls, which in a simple way manage and enable the division of rooms, such as large lecture and exhibition halls.

Technology, operational forces, safety of use, all are confirmed by tests carried out by the Department of Mechanics of ITB (Building Research Institute). Ease of use, functional features are checked, also by our customers.

The OPTIMAL 110 Sky movable wall, is the highest movable wall in Europe, tested in terms of safety and functionality by an accredited research body. The research of the wall, consisting of modules with a height of 10.85 meters, was carried out in 2020 by the Department of Mechanics of the Building Research Institute.

Optimal 110 Sky movable wall modules can be controlled manually, or semi-automatically. In the semi-automatic version, the mobile wall module, when touched to the previous module, expands automatically.

Sound insulation

  • Rw: 45dB / 49dB / 51dB / 53dB / 54dB


  • optional – Fire Resistance in accordance with PN-EN 13501-1: 2019

Versions / equipment / options

  • manual / semiautomatic

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