Optimal Office 80 Loft Line Fire

Fire Fixed Wall Office 80 Loft Line

Optimal Office 80 Loft Line Fire is a muntin, fire-resistant, double-glazed system of fixed aluminum-glass walls.

The sound insulation Rw 45dB confirmed by ITB, use category IVc according to ETAG003, testifies to the versatility of the Optimal Office 80 LoftLine Fire wall applications in modern offices, industrial buildings and production halls.

This system is available in the EI30 fire protection version.

The safety of using the Optimal Office 80 Loft Line and Optimal Office 80 Loft Line Fire systems is confirmed by the European Technical Assessment issued by the ITB Technical Assessment Department.

Sound insulation

  • Rw 45dB 

Versions / equipment / options 

  • all-glass doors 
  • wooden panel doors 
  • single-pane profile doors 
  • double-glazed profile doors  

Fire insulation 

  • EI30

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