Optimal 50 Glass

Optimal 50 glass

Optimal 50 Glass movable wall

Optimal 50 is an elegant, delicate system of aluminum sliding walls. They blend in perfectly with the modern design of office spaces.

Optimal 50 is especially recommended for customers, who primarily care about the function of quick and aesthetic division of the surface.

According to the research carried out by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw, OPTIMAL 50 walls with modules filled with 18mm furniture board, have acoustic insulation of Rw = 32dB.

Sound insulation – according to the ITB research

  • Rw 32dB – for walls with modules filled with furniture board
  • Rw 33dB – for walls with modules filled with laminated safety glass

Versions / equipment / options

  • single-leaf swing door


  • as an option
  • reaction to fire class Bs1;d0 – confirmed by ITB

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