Optimal Office 100 Fire

Optimal Office 100 Fire is a two-pane system of aluminum and glass fire walls. It is a muntin-free system that guarantees the impression of delicacy and maximum illumination of the rooms.

Its innovative design, double-glazed construction, perfectly combines high acoustic insulation, elegance and lightness with excellent parameters confirming the safety of use.

The IVc category of use according to ETAG 003, confirmed by the Building Research Institute, allows the use of muntin-free aluminium-glass walls Optimal Office 100 Fire on the edges of mezzanine / landings, without the need for a balustrade.

Compatibility of systems, freedom of interior design

Double-glazed Optimal Office 100 Fire and Optimal Office 100 and single-glazed systems Optimal Office 30 and Optimal Office 30 Fire, are fully compatible with each other.

Due to common external elements, such as gaskets and glazing beads, the appearance of the fire wall of the Optimal Office 100 system, is identical to the fire wall of the OPTIMAL Office 100 Fire system.

Our solutions do not require a compromise, between the appearance of a “inelegant” fire glass wall separating escape routes and corridors. Our fireproof and classless walls, after installation, look the same, are delicate and aesthetic in their appearance, and at the same time safe and durable.

Sound insulation

  • Rw 46dB / 47dB / 48dB

Versions / equipment / options

  • single-glazed aluminum profile doors
  • double-glazed aluminum profile doors

Fire insulation

  • EI15 / EI30

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